Current Projects

  • The Italian American Club of Southern Nevada
    • 54+ year-old social club catering to the needs of the 100,000+ Italian Americans living in the Las Vegas area; includes the oldest Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.
    • Approximately 600 members
    • Positions for 2 people in the following positions: Customer Service and Sales
  • Ciao Tutti¬†
    • Printed newsletter distributed¬†monthly to all members and other similar clubs across the U.S.
    • Electronic version of the newsletter updated and distributed each week to members and others.
    • Positions for 2 students in the following positions: writing copy, design, and distribution.
    • We are helping to kickstart a movement that creates awareness of the problems associated with unemployed (and underemployed) adults who do not have a GED or high school diploma (especially ex-felons).
    • We are assisting with a Tom’s Shoes type one-for-one program whereby for each book purchased, one book will be donated to nonprofit organization (like The Salvation Army, Goodwill), prison, or local shelter that starts these people on the path from hopelessness to hope.
    • TheObligation.US is dedicated to the proposition that “society has an obligation to educate all of its members: not just to provide an opportunity for non-adults; not just blame those who drop-out; not just provide an inefficient system that works for a small percentage.
    • Positions for all students in administration, operations, sales and marketing.

All students will participate in one or more of these projects