Las Vegas | Employers

Types of Employers

We work with employers who:

  • Offer goods and services that are of value to the community,
  • Offer goods and services that are reasonably priced, and
  • Are willing to work with individuals motivated to achieve financial security though they may also be ex-felons.

Why these Employers

Because they realize that communities are only as strong as their members, they realize that someone has the duty to hire ex-felons (and other disadvantaged groups).  We reach out to employers who are confident in Larson (and, thus not afraid to hire those whom Larson seeks to help).

Internships, Externships & Jobs

In order to assist Larson students to become financially secure, students need more than just a classroom education; they need to perfect their skills and thus, they need experience.  We do this through a combination of Internships and Externships in conjunction with jobs.


Larson business students are required to provide over 12 hours per week of unpaid training in the form of internships (at Larson) and externships (away from Larson).

Internships generally follow directly after the lecture class in the early afternoon.


Externships occur outside of the Larson campus.  They may occur before class, especially for those students who take afternoon or evening classes; or on Fridays or weekends.


We understand that we have a primary duty to assist students to obtain stable and meaningful employment.  The cornerstone of the program is employment while in school.  Much of the employment occurs in the form of unpaid internships and externships.  However, for those who qualify, there is also paid employment –beginning at $10 per hour.

We seek to provide jobs that are part of the Larson Training Centers core curriculum; however, it is often the case that the student requires remedial employment (i.e. they are unable to hold-down a recent employment).