Las Vegas is about Employment

We’ve created a process which we call the “Employment Planning Workshop” (or “EPW”); it is a 6-step process to help students obtain stable and meaningful employment. The EPW is built upon the skills learned at Larson.  We do not teach people to become blue collar workers; we do not teach people to become artists.


“Stable” means that those seeking financial security have a reasonable expectation that their job will be there for as long as they want it.

For example, being a janitor at a major retail establishment may be very stable, but it is not meaningful; that is, it is likely that no child ever said that they wanted to be a janitor when they grew-up.

We do not provide such jobs.


“Meaningful” means that the individual’s community favors that type of employment. For example,
being an artist is very meaningful; yet, it is almost never stable. We do not offer this type of