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Larson Training Centers was started in 1989 by Dale and Myrna Larson.  Dale’s vision was for everyone to be able to afford tennis shoes for themselves and their family members.  He believed that vocational training was the best means of assisting adults to obtain work.  Larson Training Centers is one of the oldest vocational schools in the Orange County area.

Around 2005, Dale’s health declined, causing he and wife Myrna to move back to their roots in the Tacoma area of Washington to be near family.  In February 2012, Dale’s ailments overcame him.

In March 2012, Gladius Business School, headquartered in Las Vegas, purchased Larson Training Centers; it is now the first California-based vocational school and the cornerstone of Gladius’ plans to operate schools in each of the top 20 US markets by 2016.


Strong communities are the foundation for a well-lived life.  The strength of a community is better measured by its bottom 25% than by its middle 50% or top 25% because the bottom 25% requires resources generated by the other 75%.  If the resources of the other 75% are spent on basic necessities (including food, clothing, shelter, and medical treatment), then they are less available for education, infrastructure maintenance and investment.  As communities weaken crime increases thus further weakening the community and using additional excess resources generated by the higher 75%.  Eventually, the needs of the bottom become unsustainable and the community weakens –schools, roads, medical care, housing, and government services decline.  Those who can leave do so.

We believe that strong communities result from financially secure members; that financial security is the result of stable and meaningful employment; that stable and meaningful employment is best achieved through education; and that vocational education is the best form of education for most of the community because vocational education is designed to teach individuals how to be successfully employed, productive members of their communities.

We believe that providing employment while in school, that teaching students to be successful at that employment and preparing them for better employment are the keys to any successful vocational school program.  As such, in conjunction with Gladius Business Corps, we strive to provide employment for all qualified students while they are in school.

We provide more than an education; we also provide experience.


We believe that, “People don’t make the difference between success and failure; rather, People are the difference between success and failure”.  As such, Larson has survived for over 22 years when most schools were unable to adapt to California’s changing (and declining) social environment.

Our people are dedicated and committed to helping all students succeed.  Our key staff have been with the school for more than half of its existence.


Our California operations are operated from two buildings in Santa Fe Springs.  Because many of our students are “transportation challenged” we plan to open satellite instructional facilities throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties.

These satellite campuses will offer classes from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday.

Each satellite will be located near public transportation.  We endeavor to not let transportation become an obstacle to education.


All classes rely heavily on PC and Internet-based education whereby students learn to become self-sufficient, learn at their own pace and obtain as much knowledge and experience that they can.  The classes are supplemented by one-on-one tutoring when necessary and teacher-led lectures.

Our Business classes utilize cloud-based applications and each graduate receives a notebook computer to help insure that lack of tools will not become an obstacle to their becoming financially secure.