Larson | Tuition

3rd party payment

Currently Larson Training Centers provides vocational training paid for by various State and Federal programs including: WIA, Vocational Rehab through the VA, Dept of Labor and Workers Comp agencies.

Larson Training Centers does not accept Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and other funding that Title IV schools depend upon.

Direct Student loan

To further its mission of assisting its students to become financially secure through stable and meaningful employment, Larson only offers direct student loans where the incentive is for students to not have to pay the loans back.

Our student loans, like other student loans, do not require any payments while the student is in school.  However, if after graduation, the student finds stable and meaningful employment without the assistance of Larson or Gladius Business Corps, the loan will be forgiven (i.e. deemed paid in full).   In the event that the student desires the services of Larson or Gladius, the loan will be repaid from 10% of the graduate’s gross pay from an employer where Gladius acted as the graduate’s agent.

We believe that the ability to repay a student loan should reflect the quality of the education; if the graduate is unable to obtain work (i.e. the education was of no value) then the school should not be paid for the education.  Students are entitled to get what they pay for.