Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

With our network of business partners, we help our graduates become financially secure, productive members of their communities through stable and meaningful employment.


Our Mission

We assist our communities through the education, employment and on-going support of motivated ex-felons and other motivated individuals.


Our Values

  1. We believe that solutions to all problems are discoverable, knowable, possible and education is the key to those solutions.
  2. We believe that, “Fairness only occurs between equals” and, “The strong do what they can, while the weak suffer what they must”. ¬†As such, we strive to become as physically, mentally and emotionally strong as possible.
  3. We believe that success results from applying the unwavering discipline needed to accomplish our goals; as such, we have the drive needed to accomplish the goals we’ve set.
  4. We believe that integrity is essential; when in doubt, we attempt to “do the right thing” from the perspective of our (actual or prospective) grand children, we strive to make others proud of us; we set a good example; and we enable others to live well.
  5. We believe that trust is the foundation of strong communities; we have the courage to say what we mean and mean what we say”.
  6. We believe that, “Fortune favors the bold”.
  7. We believe that people are programmed to be followers; we will always accept the responsibility of leadership when it falls upon us.
  8. We believe in the importance of relationships and collaboration; we will always strive to exceed  proper expectations, and accomplish our mission while never losing sight of our vision.